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The devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ is not a new one in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It is a devotion that is as old as the first Holy Thursday when Jesus Christ instituted the Priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. The Church at all ages continues in this mission as she celebrates the Holy Eucharist in obedience to the Lord’s command; “Do this in memory of Me”. Devotion to the Holy Eucharist in different chapels all over the world is also devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Most certainly too, one cannot talk of a living body (flesh) divorced of blood.
On the 5th of July, 1995, at about 3.00pm, the Agonizing Jesus Christ called and appealed to me in these words; "Barnabas console Me, adore my Precious Blood". The voice was so gentle and pleading; I turned and could not see who was calling me. The voice continued, "Barnabas, console Me, adore My Precious Blood; I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ". He kept silent for a moment. I noticed that there was a sudden calmness and quiet in the room in which I was. It seemed to me that there was no movement of any object in the world, that one could even hear the sound of a dropped pin. In this silent moment, I heard the voice of a choir, which sang the song of the Precious Blood and prayed in these words; "Precious Blood of Jesus Christ; save us and the whole world". In the end, the voice said, "I bless you My son". Immediately the whole episode passed. On the 6th of July, 1995, I had the same we encounter as the previous day. It was the same hour of 3.00pm. As I was looking at the crucifix hanging on the wall, suddenly, cloud came down and covered it. In the cloud, appeared the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, bleeding. His Head was crowned with thorns. The Sacred Heart appeared at the position of His Heart, which issued Divine Rays. He kept silent for a while and then said: "Barnabas, I am Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary to save the world. I am the One Who laid my Body to be scourged that men might be free. I bore all the shame they deserved. With my Blood I purchased them, yet My people did not know me. I am still the One, Who is suffering the agony due to their sins. Barnabas, console Me, and adore My Precious Blood. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who loves you much; have mercy on Me, I bless you, My son". Immediately, the whole scene passed. During these two incidents, I was unable to utter a word while they lasted, but pondered in my heart what all that could mean. On 3rd day, that is, 7th of July 1995 and at the same hour, the Agonizing Jesus Christ appeared, with His Face bathed with Blood and calmly said "Barnabas why is it that you cannot answer My Appeal of Love? Have mercy on Me. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who you and the world crucify every second and minute of the day with your sins. I called you to adore My Precious Blood. If you answer My Call of Love to adore My Precious Blood, I will choose you as My instrument to save you and your people, who will return to Me. Through My Precious Blood, I will renew the face of the earth. There shall be done on earth the Will of My Father as it is done in Heaven. Your eyes will see the Reign of Peace in the World". He kept silent for a while. It was then that I answered, 'Agonizing Jesus Christ, I am willing to do Your Will. I love You; I love You;…"As I said these words my heart melted and I wept with a heart full of sorrow. In the end, the Agonizing Jesus Christ said; "Remain in My Peace, I bless you, My son". Then He varnished and the episode ended.
After the event of 7th of July, 1995, I narrated my experience to my sister Irene Magbo, who advised me to record the whole experience. This I did and the incidence stopped for the year. The memory of these incidents had almost gone when I had the fourth encounter on the 5th of July, 1996, at about 5.30am. On this day, the Agonizing Jesus Christ offered me the Chaplet of His Most Precious Blood with Its Litany. He said, "Barnabas, I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, console Me, adore My Precious Blood. Consecrate your life to My Precious Blood and make constant reparation for sins committed against My Blood. Take this" He then gave me the Chaplet and said: This is the Chaplet of My Blood. Pray it and make it known to the whole world". I received it and said: "Adoration to Your Precious Blood" He continued by saying: "Through this Chaplet, I will renew the face of the earth and draw all men to acknowledge the Price of their Redemption. I will also renew the Church so that the Holy Sacrifice offered to me will remain pure and worthy before ascending to My Altar in Heaven. I promise to protect anyone who devotedly prays this Chaplet against evil attacks. I will guard his five senses. I will protect him from sudden death. 12 hours before his death, he will drink My Precious Blood and eat My Body. 24 hours before his death I will show him My Five Wounds that he may feel a deep contrition for all his sins and have a perfect knowledge of them. Any person who makes a novena with It will get his intentions; his prayer will be answered. I will perform many wonderful miracles through It. Through It, I will destroy many secrets societies and set free many souls in bondage by My Mercy. Through this Chaplet, I will save many souls from Purgatory. I will teach him My Way, he who honours My Precious Blood through this Chaplet. I will have mercy on those who have mercy on My Precious Blood and Wounds. Whoever teaches this prayer to another person will have an indulgence of 4 years. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who made these promises to My people who will embrace this Chaplet of My Precious Blood. Barnabas, if you carry out this Devotion faithfully, you will suffer many agonies with Me because the way is a desert way, so dry and rough. I will lead you and all men who answer My Call of Love, through this way to the Land of Promise. I promise again that I will renew the face of the earth through My little ones. Then, comes the Reign of My Glory, when all shall be one in Me". Then I asked: "My Lord, people will not believe me and the Church will not welcome It. What shall I do to make It known to the world?" Our Lord replied: "Barnabas fear not about the spread of the Devotion. Only offer your life to Me. Be humble and obedient to the Church. Surrender to every cross and offer it for My consolation, pray always and never give up. If you do, all who hear of this Devotion will look for It and all who see It will embrace It and spread It also. My Church will welcome It when the time comes. Barnabas the way is hard; it is a desert way. You will pass the hour of dryness and confusion. Some will complain on the way. Some will give up their faith. But I plead with you, My son; remain faithful and obedient to My Command. I promise to lead you to the Land of Promise. There, your joy will be complete". Then I asked some questions on the Chaplet of the Precious Blood: "Lord may I ask why the small beads are twelve in number and the big beads are one at the end of each set of twelve beads and it is prayed one Our Father and one Hail Mary on It. If people ask me, what will I tell them? He answered: "My son, this Devotion had been in My Holy Church ever since My day of circumcision. My Mother was the first to adore My Precious Blood with her Penitential tears as She saw Her only Son bleeding for humanity. But you can see that this age has forgotten the Price of their Redemption. Today, I give you this Chaplet for you and for all men to adore My Precious Blood, the Price of their Redemption. Wake up this Devotion and hasten the Kingdom of My Glory on Earth. Barnabas, each small bead represents a tribe of Israel. As you recite the Chaplet, My Precious Blood will rain on the earth for the conversion of the whole Israel, I mean the whole world. Each time you pray one "Our Father" and one "Hail Mary" in every portion of the Chaplet, you honour the mystical Wounds, Pains and Precious Blood of the Agonizing and Sorrowful Hearts of the Son and His Mother. I assure you, many wounds shall be healed. I and My Mother will be consoled. The mercy of the Father will multiply; the Holy Spirit will rest upon you, My Precious Blood will flow to save. Know also, the red colour of the beads represent My Precious Blood and the white beads represent the Water that comes out from My Sacred Side, which washes away your sins. Remember that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who loves you much. Receive My blessing; I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".
After the event of 5th July, 1996, I entered into series of prayers and mortification to ask God for strength and the way forward. On December 8, 1996, at about 9.30pm, in my prayer, I saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ, Who said to me: "Barnabas I have seen your obedience and that of your people over my orders. I appreciate your sacrifice. I am happy. Now, it is time to submit the prayers as I have given to you to your Parish Priest. On December 28, you will submit everything to him as I have given to you". At this word, I asked: "My Lord, how can he accept it, since he was the one who burnt the message of Aokpe which one of our brothers gave to him last week?" our Lord answered: "I will take away his heart of stone and give him a heart like Mine, so that he will share much of My Agony. Obey My Order; I will do My work, which is Mine alone. Your obedience to My Orders will melt the hard gates of trials and give peace to My Flock. But if you remain unmoved to My Order, My Flock will suffer much. Barnabas, remember that I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, who loves you much. I receive much consolation in every cross you accept with love. Accept your crosses and give Me joy. I bless you, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen". On 28th December, 1996, I submitted everything to Rev. Fr. Boniface Onah who then was my Parish Priest. Unlike him, he did not burn the document. He gazed at the tabernacle and said; "My son, I have not seen anything like this before. We shall offer a Holy Mass for it. Let us make it nine days novena Mass", he said, I replied; "Father nine days is too long. Let us do three days. Let us have it by 9.00pm". He accepted as I requested, after which I went home. On 30th December, 1996, at about 11.30pm, I woke up to say my prayers; then I saw before my crucifix, the Agonizing Jesus Christ Who said to me after a brief silence, "Do whatever your Parish Priest tells you. I am beginning My work which no one can stop. I will inspire him to follow My Plan, which I have set to draw all men to Myself. I need your humility; I need your obedience. Remain in the peace from Heaven. I bless you". On 1st January, 1997, we started the novena. From then to date, the Devotion spread as the Agonizing Jesus Christ promised He would do.
This is a call that gears towards total transformation through the act of total consecration to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Everlasting Covenant. In this way, the devotees wish to make reparation for their disloyalty, their coldness, mindlessness and neglect toward the Precious Blood of Love, and to make satisfaction for the many profanations which men committed against that Precious Price of their Salvation and for the sins of the whole world.
The Lord Jesus gave through me, many prayers to help stir up and foster Devotion to His Precious Blood, the Price of Our Redemption. These prayers which can be found in our prayer manual comprises of:
  1. The Chaplet of the Precious Blood and Litany, (5th July, 1996.)
  2. The Consolation Prayers to the Agonizing Jesus Christ, (23rd June, 1997).
  3. The Adoration Prayers to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, (23rd June, 1997).
  4. The Anguished Appeals Prayers, (10th December, 1998)
  5. The Atonement Prayer with the Crown of Thorns, (14th July, 2000)
  6. The Chaplet of Renewal – The Roses of the Glorious Reign, (7th June, 2003).
These prayers with Holy Rosary and Holy Mass make up the complete and daily prayers of the devotees.
Following the appeal of 20th July, 1998, and many others, The Lord Jesus Christ invites all men to the Gethsemane Hour of Prayer, every Thursday night to Friday morning, to pray and to watch. This is in line with His earnest appeals on the first Holy Thursday when He said to His Apostles: "Simon are you asleep? Weren't you able to stay awake even for one hour?... Keep watch, and pray that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak". (Mark 14:37-38). The devotees observe this call every week for the sanctification of their souls, for their needs and for the needs of the Church and those of the world at large.
The devotees observe/do reparation every third Friday of each month of the year in response to the appeal for reparation as demanded by Our Jesus Christ. The reparation serves to atone for their sins and those of the whole world. The program and format can be found in our prayer manual.
The spirituality of the Devotion centres on these messages/lessons, viz:
In these messages, Our Lord Jesus systematically offers to us three pillars of virtue: Humility, Forgiveness and Truth. These virtues are bound by the king of virtues, named Love. Just as the cross is made up of three pieces of wood; the vertical upper part, the horizontal part and the straight downward part which can only be joined together by glue (gum), the Cross of perfection is made up of these virtues, in the order of: The upper part representing Humility; The down part, Truth and horizontal Forgiveness. The three parts are glued together with Love. The details of the messages are contained in the July Messages within this accompanying box.
The Rose flower of Purity is made up of fourteen petals, which comprises seven Red Petals and seven White Petals joining together from two branches of one stem. Each petal represents a virtue that leads to perfect purity. These virtues (petals) were given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ through His saints within the month of July, 2001. The white Petals are: Simplicity, Chastity, Love, Joy, Prudence, Gentleness and Goodness. The red Petals are: Faithfulness, Holy Mortification, Kindness, Peace, Holy Obedience, Patience and Humility. The devotees receive this Rose as gift once in three years as an act of renewal of their total consecration to the most precious Blood. They look at these virtues and model their lives towards Holiness. The specimen Rose flower of Purity is also within the box. The detailed messages are contained in the July Messages as well.
THE GOLDEN MIND OF PEACE-(the way to perfect prayer), July, 2002
The messages of the Golden Mind of Peace are a call towards intimacy with God in prayer. It shows the steps to the highest level of prayer, the Levels of Personal Relationship with God. In the messages, we have one odd level of prayer and six levels of prayer. The odd level is called the level of Total Emptiness. The remaining six levels are:
  • The level of the silence of the mouth.
  • The level of concentration
  • The level of the silence of the heart;
  • The level of contemplation;
  • The level of meditation;
  • And finally, the level of personal relationship with God. Jesus, in these levels means to draw us closer to Himself through the sanctuaries of or very souls. He wants us to dialogue with Him in prayer. In this heart to heart talk, we speak to Him; we look at His Face; we listen to Him; and finally we get married to Him. This mystical marriage, where much word is not needed in prayer is what Jesus called the level of Personal Relationship in Prayer. The detailed messages are also contained in the July messages.
  • The year 2003, the message of the City of God's Love.
  • The year 2004, the message of the Fifteen Levels of Perfection.
  • The year 2005, the message of the Dark Night of a Soul.
  • The year 2006, the message of the Intimate Union with God.
  • The year 2007, the message of the Joy of the Glorious Reign.
  • The year 2008, the message of the True Freedom.
  • The year 2009, the message of the Mystical Marriage with the Divine and
  • The year 2010, the message of Self Denial and Self Sacrifice.
The Devotion has been experiencing many challenges. Many self acclaimed "prophets" are coming up from many directions to adulterate the Devotion and detract attention from the call. Some members were opposing Church Leaders in the past owing to lack of direction, awareness and coordination. Initially, we were lacking the protection and care of the Church in our mother diocese, but now the Bishop of our mother diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Callistus V.C. Onaga has given us his protection and permission by appointing Very Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Okpalaibekwe on 14th May 2013 to be the chaplain of the Apostolate in Enugu Diocese. Notwithstanding these challenges, however, we sincerely promise to commit ourselves to the cause of obedience to the Church; to respond to the circumstances of the Church in Her work of evangelization, of renewal and of peace. So I humbly ask for pardon on behalf of all our supposed members in the past. Those concerned directly (Marian Awareness Apostolate/Group) have however been handled by the letter of Bishop Ayo-Maria Op. of Ilorin Diocese, on the 7th of October, 2004. (see our prayer manual page vii.)
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